In order to understand Apache Spark, we have to define big data clearly

What is Big data?

Big data is data that is either high in volume, variety, or velocity. This data is generated from various ways like logs, inventories, marketing spends, etc.

With the evolution of the internet, data starts to grow in size. The scope and the reach of the software applications now expand the geographical boundaries and spread across the planet. Let’s take the example: There are 2.6 billion active accounts on Facebook, Over 1 billion people used Instagram monthly basis.

Big data comes with big difficulties.

Difficulties with the Big Data

What if the data…

What is Jenkins?

Jenkins is an open source automation server which is used to be automate all tasks related to building, testing or deploying the software.

Why Jenkins?

Nowadays, there are plenty of tools, framework available which can helps us in many ways but the question here is why you need Jenkins?
The answer is if you are working in a large project and you don’t wanna run all your test manually before deploying your application every single time so yes Jenkins can help you.

Let’s Start:

Ok, now you understand what is the need for Jenkins now the bigger question comes how you can start working…

Vikram Singh

Development intern at ThoughtWorks

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